Terms of use

  1. If you do not agree to the terms of use published by aerial-footage.com set forth below, do not access or use this site.
  2. aerial-footage.com may change and adapt these terms of use from time to time. If you continue accessing our site, make sure to update yourself with the current version of the terms of use of aerial-footage.com. Access and usage of our website requires a full compliance to our then-current terms of use.
  3. All content on this site is protected by copyright. Any unauthorized use of the site´s content violates the law as these terms of use.
  4. Unless you enter into a license agreement with aerial-footage.com, you must not download, display or distribute any aerial-footage.com content. You must not remove any watermarks or copyright notices imprinted in the aerial-footage.com “watermarked” content.
  5. aerial-footage.com or third parties acting on its behalf may collect your data that you enter in the checkout-form such as your name and address. This data will be solely used for the act of purchasing our products. More information about this topic we provide here.
  6. aerial-footage.com may restrict, disable, block, suspend or terminate your access of all parts of the site and content at any time in aerial-footage.com´s discretion without prior notice or liability to you. Of course this happens only if a user causes major harm to either the owners or the site itself.
  7. The delivery of the footage is implemented by download-link only. Make sure your infrastructure provides an adequately fast internet connection.
  8. You use aerial-footage.com at your own risk. aerial-footage.com makes no warranty that the download of the footage always works seamlessly – there rarely may be technical issues that might lead to delays of the online delivery of the footage. aerial-footage.com therefore cannot be made liable for possible delays and the associated costs of such delays.
  9. When you buy our footage, you acquire limited rights, as stated on the invoice, which you get immediately after purchase, for a single project, whose project title you must fill in at the check-out-form of aerial-footage.com.
  10. A single project means: One movie, TV-program, online content, commercial or one season of a series, including all it´s derivatives as teasers, trailers or commercials for the program or movie.
  11. You must not transfer these acquired limited rights to any other person or entity.
  12. Your purchase can be cancelled within 14 days after payment. Please state your name, address, email-address, phone-number and cancelled clip number via mail to office@aerial-footage.com. We will then reimburse your payment. After a cancellation you must not use the downloaded clips neither for commercial nor for private purposes, and you have to delete the data from any digital storage with immediate effect.
  13. The copyright´s ownership of the footage remains with aerial-footage.com respective Peter Rösner and our contributors. There is an option for exclusive rights, if you need these please contact us: office@aerial-footage.com. We will then review if the footage is available for exclusive rights, or you can give us the order of re-shooting similar footage.
  14. aerial-footage.com respective Peter Rösner cannot be made responsible for any appliance of aerial-footage.com´s footage in film productions with content that violates the law of any country or state worldwide.
  15. Place of jurisdiction is Innsbruck, Austria.

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