What are the different types of licences?

The licence selection refers to a non-exclusive, single use/single project licence for all territories and without time limitation for one of the 2 following categories:

  • Documentary/TV/Online
  • Feature Film/Brand Commercial/Cinema

The Documentary/TV/Online licence covers all eventualities for smaller and middle budget productions for TV and Online use. Brand commercial and Feature film licences are required for commercials or advertising for globally known Brands or feature length films including TV Drama series or cinema productions.

Note: The name of the production or project description must be filled out at the checkout.

Do I have to pay with PayPal or can I pay by Credit card?

You can pay with any credit card by simply following the instruction after pressing the proceed to PayPal option.

Do I have to pay VAT?

If you have a valid EU VAT Number then you can enter this at the checkout and VAT will not be added to your invoice.

How do I receive my clips?

After payment you will be sent a download link along with your Invoice to the e-mail address you have provided.

I cannot download my clip?

If you have any problems downloading your clip contact support@aerial-footage.com immediately.

My downloaded Clip doesn’t look like the preview on the website and it looks washed out.

Most of our Clips are shot in RAW or with LOG Gammas meaning that they are recorded with a Gamma that retains more information from the camera sensor. The clips are designed to be graded using modern post production techniques.

Can I buy graded clips?

Yes, but you will need to contact us directly at support@aerial-footage.com

Why is my downloaded clip longer than stated or in the preview?

We have included front and back handles on the clip to increase the editing experience and because we are not tight.

Do I have to credit the footage or the DP?

If you are using the footage in a production where credits are shown then please credit aerial-footage.com and additionally the DP by Name, which is to be found under the clip details.

I need more meat?

We have selected the best moments from each clip, however if you need more or different or longer or similar, get in touch support@aerial-footag.com

Can you shoot some aerials for me?

Yes, we can, just mail us. shoot@aerial-footage.com